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Deep Learning

AI to Solve Business Problems


What Does Skymind Do?

Skymind helps large organizations productionize deep learning with Deeplearning4j (DL4J), TensorFlow and the Skymind Intelligence Layer (SKIL). By applying AI with superhuman accuracy to business problems, Skymind's transformative technology hits the bottom line and enables new products and new revenue. Skymind builds better fraud detection, computer vision and predictive analytics.

Why Deep Learning?

Recent deep learning advances show it is ripe for adoption in enterprise settings. For example, large organizations use deep learning for detecting fraud and network intrusion, and automating form processing.

Anomaly Detection & Cyber Security

Distributed deep learning not only develops more accurate models for detecting fraud, network intrusion, cyber attacks and other anomalies, but it also learns from new data on massively parallel hardware. 


Recommender Systems

Recommender systems influence us every day, from internet search to movie suggestions to online shopping. These algorithms attempt to show us the information and products we want, based on user trends and past behavior.


What Does Skymind Offer?

We help you define the scope of your projects, understand the outcomes and deploy Deeplearning4j to production. All Skymind deployments are backed with the support you need to be successful.


Skymind’s core development team helps you deploy large-scale implementations of Deeplearning4j.


On-site training sessions led by one of our deep learning engineers.

Enterprise Distribution

A powerful and yet simple way to extract value from big data, easily scaling to large clusters.

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