Our mission is to make deep learning simple and accessible to enterprises

Who We Are

At Skymind, we’re tackling some of the most advanced problems in data analysis and machine intelligence. We offer state-of-the-art, flexible, scalable deep learning for industry. Deep learning is becoming an important tool set for natural-language processing (NLP), computer vision, database predictions, pattern recognition, image/video processing and fraud detection.

We support the distributed, open-source frameworks Deeplearning4j.org and ND4J.org on distributed systems such as Hadoop and Spark for storing, processing, and analyzing massive amounts of data rapidly. Our goal is to make deep learning simple to use and easily applicable for business purposes.

Meet the Team

We're deep learning experts.

Chris Nicholson


Adam Gibson


Josh Patterson

Head of Field Engineering

Natalie Cleaver

Head of Business Operations

Alex Black

Deep Learning Engineer

Susan Eraly

Deep Learning Engineer

Samuel Audet

Deep Learning Engineer

Edward Junprung

Head of Growth

Shu Wei Goh

Asia Pacific

Shawn Tan

Asia Pacific

Daehyun Kim

Deep Learning Engineer

Christine Leigh

Head of Business Development, APAC

Tom Hanlon

Technical Trainer

Dave Kale

Deep Learning Engineer

Slin Lee

Front-End Engineer

Justin Long

Deep Learning Engineer

François Garillot

Deep Learning Engineer

Audrey Loeffel

Deep Learning Engineer

Eduardo Gonzalez

Deep Learning Engineer

Distributed Worldwide

Our engineers are located in every major time zone.

Our Investors

Skymind is funded and advised by top venture capital firms and investors.

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