Skymind is a VC-backed startup headquartered in San Francisco. Backers include Y Combinator, Tencent, SV Angel, and other well-known U.S. and international investors. We work with dozens of Fortune 2000 corporations and government agencies, and we partner with hardware makers such as Cisco, NVIDIA, and Intel to deliver scalable AI infrastructure.

Company Skymind Inc.
Founder Chris Nicholson, CEO
Established November 27, 2014
Head Office 1328 Mission Street, Suite 9, San Francisco, CA 94103
Focus Industries Simulation in Logistics, Manufacturing, Government, Finance, Call Centers
Products AI for enterprise. Pathmind: AI for Simulations
Total Funding $17.9M


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What is Skymind?

Skymind is the company behind Deeplearning4j and Pathmind, a cutting-edge service applying AI to simulations in the cloud.

What do you sell?

We sell support for our software and subscriptions to our Web-hosted SaaS product, Pathmind, which helps simulation engineers adapt reinforcement learning to their simulation models.

How are you unique?

We help software engineers, simulation engineers and operations analysts apply cutting-edge machine learning to their business use cases.

Who uses our software?

Machine learning engineers, simulation consultancies and simulation teams (operations analysts) in large corporations.


Skymind is funded and advised by top venture capital firms and investors.

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