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Public Workshops

Instructor-led training focused on building real-life deep learning applications. Open to the public.

[SF Meetup] May 3
Distributed Training
[NYC Workshop] May 9
Intro to Deep Learning
[SF Workshop] May 20
Model Import

Welcome to Skymind Academy

Skymind Academy gives data engineers and data scientists the knowledge necessary to build deep learning applications, covering best practices, enterprise data pipelines and deployment.

Free Online Tutorials

For students looking to enhance career opportunities. You'll learn the fundamentals of deep learning used in self-driving cars, image recognition, voice assistants and more.

Partner Universities

Skymind is working with universities to offer a public deep learning curriculum. Coming soon.


We host public workshops in select cities worldwide. At the conclusion of each workshop, you will receive a certificate making you a Skymind certified deep learning engineer.

Career Opportunities

Leading corporations are betting their future on AI initiatives. Getting a head start in this field gives candidates an edge.

Deep Learning Textbook

Written by Adam Gibson & Josh Patterson
of Skymind.
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