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Better recommendations for your customers

Recommend Ads & Products Better with Skymind Neural Networks

Recommendation Systems Can Make Your Customers Happier, Faster. By Increasing Ad Coverage & Conversions, They Impact Your Business.

Learning Algorithm

Instantly categorize customers in order to dynamically show them goods they are most likely to buy.

Enterprise Support

Skymind offers the only commercially supported open-source AI toolkit for enterprise.

Increase Sales

Pattern match behavior buried beneath mountains of data to help buyers find products they seek.

Recommender systems touch our lives every day, from searching on Google to shopping on at any major online retailer. Their sophisticated algorithms attempt and often succeed at showing us the information and products we seek.

The information consumers give to service providers and retailers is expanding rapidly, which makes recommendation systems both more complex, and potentially more powerful.
Online behavior including customer metadata, transaction histories and communications allows companies to understand shoppers better, sense their similarities, and address needs they may not even know they have.

Simultaneously, we are better able to analyze information about the items sought, including images, sounds in the case of music, and descriptions, which allows companies to refine the ways they cluster products, as well as whom they target as potential buyers.

Recommendation systems is at the center of retail both online and off, showing ads on web sites as well as through dynamic displays in brick-and-mortar stores.
By using facial recognition and in-store video cameras, retailers are able to group their customers instantly by gender, age and other demographics in order to show them immediately the goods they are most likely to buy.

Given the explosion of consumer goods as well as the rapid increase in the number of vendors on the Internet, the main problem facing customers is how to find the object that they seek, when it is buried beneath a mountain of irrelevant information.
A recommender system that can instantly personalize ads in order to solve the customer’s search problem is doing both the customer, and the vendor, a favor.
New goods are constantly introduced, and new fads sweep the nation, altering shoppers’ behavior. Only a recommender system that is constantly able to learn new patterns can serve consumer needs.

Open-source deep-learning allows retailers and e-commerce companies to empower their internal teams to create, customize and adapt Recommender Solutions with the help of deep-learning experts at Skymind.

Online retail has wholeheartedly embraced open-source, starting with Linux as an operating system, continuing through the big data ecosystem of Hadoop and Spark, and ending with the analytics necessary to take actions. Skymind’s deep learning offers record-breaking analytics tools to the open-source enterprise. With them, Skymind clients are actively modernizing how they sell.

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