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Image Recognition

Using neural networks to label and cluster image and video

Detect and Identify Objects in Images With Skymind Neural Networks

Image Recognition Is a Crucial Component of Smart Appliances, Self-Driving Cars and AdTech. Deep Learning Is the State of the Art.

Superhuman Accuracy

Deep learning algorithms are surpassing human performance on key data analysis problems.

Enterprise Support

Skymind offers the only commercially supported open-source AI toolkit for enterprise.

Real Use Cases

Deep learning is providing ground-breaking results in fraud and anomaly detection.

Images are central to the online experience, e-commerce, social media and security. According to Pew Research, most Internet users post original images or videos online. The rise of mobile phones doubling as cameras puts images at center stage. They are how we learn about the world and express ourselves in it.

With AI-powered image recognition technology, seemingly innocuous photos of people and objects can reveal a great deal. But most businesses are leaving those insights on the table. While organizations gather and store images, for the most part they do not know what they have. Recent breakthroughs in image recognition radically reduce the effort required to analyze that data accurately.

Skymind's image recognition technology has applications to specific industries; for example, facial detection for security or object recognition in video for media analysis. But the use cases are expanding, alongside the use of smartphone cameras.

Facial recognition In addition to detecting faces, Skymind's image recognition technology can also compare the detected face to a database of known individuals and perform facial identification. The threshold for possible matches can be adjusted to suit different needs. Deep learning is the state of the art in facial recognition, setting new records in algorithmic accuracy, and surpassing expert human performance. Deep learning can recognize faces better than you can.

Facial analysis Faces can be analyzed to recognize specific traits, such as the approximate age, ethnicity, gender and the sentiment being express by the person being analyzed.

Optimized to run distributed on the corporate production stack integrated with Hadoop or Spark, deep learning’s ability to learn robust models from massive amounts of data, and return results almost immediately once deployed, gives your teams a new tool in product development.

Object detection Skymind's image recognition technology can be trained to recognize specific objects or patterns such as scenes in images. For example, it can detect corporate logos and therefore perform copyright infringement functions. Alternatively, it can detect weapons, both carried openly and hidden under clothing.

Open-source deep-learning allows those institutions to empower their internal teams to create, customize and adapt Image Recogntion Solutions with the help of deep-learning experts at Skymind.

Image classification Image classification categorizes objects that appear in images. For example, Skymind's image recognition technology can be trained to recognize vehicle categories such as cars, trucks and motorcycles. This allows users to sort images in real time and flag certain objects as necessary. Skymind's image recognition technology also provides pre-trained classifiers that can label images with existing categories, so that it becomes easier to automatically tag large collections of images.

In the vanguard of the AI revolution, a few companies are moving now to apply the most accurate techniques to their costliest and most challenging problems. They are the companies embracing deep learning to cut risk and modernize compliance.

Optical character recognition OCR is the process of extracting text from images. OCR can be applied to scanned or photographed documents, pictures, or photos to them them to computer-readable formats. That makes it easier to sort, store and search those documents.

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