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Deeplearning4j is the first commercial-grade, open-source, distributed deep learning library written for Java and Scala. Integrated with Hadoop and Spark, DL4J is specifically designed to be used in business environments on distributed GPUs and CPUs.

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ND4J: Numpy for the JVM

ND4J is a scientific computing library for the JVM. It is built for efficiency in production environments, not as a research tool, so routines are designed to run fast with minimum RAM requirements.

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DataVec is an Apache2 Licensed open-sourced tool for machine learning ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations. The goal of DataVec is to transform raw data into usable vector formats across machine learning tools.


A platform agnostic tool dedicated to evaluating and tuning machine learning models. Part of the Deeplearning4j suite of machine learning / deep learning tools for the enterprise.

How Deeplearning4j Works

A three minute overview of our open-source library

Use Cases

Open-source, distributed, deep-learning library for the JVM

Face/Image Recognition

Identify arbitrary objects – such as balls, animals, or even faces – within larger images.

Voice Recognition

Enable computers to derive meaning from human or natural language input.


Understand snippets of sound in larger audio files, and transcribe the spoken word as text.

Spam Filtering

Deep learning can identify anomalies automatically and evolve in response to rapidly changing online behavior.

Fraud Detection

Deep learning is providing ground-breaking results in fraud and anomaly detection.


Instantly categorize customers in order to show them goods they are most likely to buy.

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