San Francisco, CA - Sept. 18, 2017: Skymind, the Tencent-backed company behind the popular open-source AI framework Deeplearning4j, is launching SKIL Somatic, a toolkit that enables software developers to integrate artificial intelligence into robots and autonomous vehicles. SKIL Somatic, part of the Skymind Intelligence Layer, provides tools for machine vision (sight), sensor analytics tools (touch) and control functions (steering and motion). For example, using SKIL Somatic, with the Japanese company SoftBank Corp., Skymind has jointly developed a robot prototype that identifies and tracks down a moving object in a room, a necessary skill for robots across multiple disciplines, including working in a factory.

By putting this kind of intelligence into machines, we move closer to time in which robots and self-driving cars can drastically improve human lives.

“Without AI, robots and autonomous vehicles are essentially empty shells,” said Chris Nicholson, CEO of Skymind. “With SKIL Somatic, we are putting brains into machines, enabling them to do everything from getting us a drink to reminding us to take our medicine.”

Skymind’s SKIL Somatic is available now. For more information and for pricing, visit:

About Skymind Inc.: Skymind provides enterprise support and training around deep learning implementations. Established in November 2014 and headquartered in San Francisco, Skymind’s open-source framework counts over 3,600 open-source engineers and several Fortune 500 corporations as users, including SoftBank,France Telecom's Orange and Ericsson.

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