SKIL Starter Plan

Full-Service Installation and Implementation Assistance

Getting Started

The SKIL Starter Plan is a 1-week engagement to quickly enable your team to build scalable and re-usable machine learning applications.

Installation and Setup

Installation of the Skymind Intelligence Layer on premise or on the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) guided by a Skymind Deep Learning Engineer.

Model Import

Skymind will import your existing machine learning models, expose them via REST API, and provide a deployable client API to query those models.

In-Person Training

1-day workshop to train your team how to deploy and maintain end-to-end machine learning applications using the Skymind Intelligence Layer.


Starting at $15,000, the SKIL Starter Plan is designed to quickly enable your organization to productionize machine learning.

3-Month SKIL License

A short-term SKIL Enterprise license to demo our software.

Enterprise Support

Hands-on support from a deep learning engineer.


Guidance scaling SKIL from single to multi-node configurations.

Free Consultation

Schedule a 30-minute Q&A with our AI experts.