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Skymind for Executive and Product Teams


Facing immense pressure from the market, executives and product leaders are facing challenges to leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for their enterprises.

Lack of AI/ML Talent
There are not enough people who can develop and deploy models for business use cases.
Market Demand
Facing pressure from customers, stakeholders, and competitors to add ML functionality.
No Strategic Clarity
It may not be clear how ML could add value through real business use cases.
IT Infrastructure
Interoperability challenges between data science artifacts and JVM-based enterprise infrastructure.


Skymind helps executives and product leaders solve those challenges with a platform made for the team and resources they already have.

Ship ML-powered Solutions Faster

Empower engineering teams to use the language to build ML functionality for Java applications in enterprise environments, using the language and environments they already know.

Reduce Operational Overhead

Eliminate dependencies and interoperability issues between data science and engineering teams. Get enterprise-grade model reliability, performance, and scaling without maintenance, all on the JVM stack.

Automate Business Processes

Build ML-powered capabilities into existing business workflows using streaming or stored data from ERP and CRM systems, data lakes, Spark, Kafka, and elsewhere. Improve model performance over time with quality monitoring, A/B testing, and winner selection.

Bridge Data Science and Software Engineering

Engineers can integrate and deploy Python-based models developed by data science research teams into JVM environments and applications, or build their own models in a tracked and collaborative environment.

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